Why 361?

To have an advantage over your competition you need a 360º vision of both your business and your approach to marketing.

At Schendo361 we encompass all aspects of marketing . . . take that 360° approach . . .  plus we go the extra distance.

One step beyond the expected.

After all it is only one step, one point, one stroke, one second that separates winners from losers.

It's the ONE that makes Schendo361 your one choice for marketing innovation excellence.

Our 361° approach takes you beyond the ordinary, gives you extraordinary insights into what makes your business tick, your customers buy and how to sustain success.

We believe there are NO routine solutions.
What worked and made you successful in the past most likely will not work in the future.

Using the experience of working with many of the most recognized brands, Schendo361 has the ability to innovate and create success for you. 

Our process allows you to better understand your customers, how they consume media which influences their attitude and behavior . . . and increase sales dramatically.

Separate yourself from the competition by one degree.

Your brand deserves it.