Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Portrait Of Who Uses Social Networks In The US (And How Social Media Affects Our Lives)

Just Who Uses Social Networks In The US?

Facebook users are quite active in not only using the service, but interacting with others.
22% of users comment on another’s post or status
26% of users “like” another user’s content
15% of users update their own status
20% of users comment on another user’s photos

The most active Facebook users tend to be women. 19% of women update their status at least once a day, while men are about half that number (11%) when it comes to daily status updates:
In addition to commenting and updating statuses, Facebook users do “like” quite a bit of content.
44% of users in the 18-22 age range “like” content on a daily basis.
Men are less likely to “like” Facebook content than women. 20% of women “like” content several times a day compared to just 9% of men.


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