Monday, April 11, 2011


Baby Boomers: Median age 55, they control over $2 trillion in annual spending, there are 60 million of them in the US, and they are not on the radar for most marketers.

I have studied Boomers, their attitudes and behavior regarding brands and sellers beware, they are not brand loyal they are smart savvy shoppers, always experimenting with new brands, products and services, comfortable with technology and deserve to be spoken to as if they are intelligent, not aging cattle.

Boomers are reinventing themselves for the next 30 years. Decisions they made about their lives, jobs, families, homes etc., 30 years ago are no longer relevant. Boomers are planning for the next 30 years. Travel, work, fun, finance, health and sports. Marketers who understand this and focus on the needs of Boomers will win big.

I am always happy to discuss ways you can Boom-ify your marketing plan.

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