Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Right Stuff

Action Art Portrait by David Schendowich
A year ago my son's high school lacrosse team was struggling through their season, winning a few, loosing more. They tried hard, they thought they were as good as they could be.

Fast forward. This year they are undefeated, the top ranked team in their division and they don't just win but they have a great time doing it.

What is the difference from last year to this year? The competition is tougher than ever, the kids are the same, the game is the same . . .So what's different?

Three things

1. The team is playing like a team, they like each other, they know each other and they think as one when on the field, it's all about teamwork

2. They have a positive attitude. They play to win and challenge each other to play better every time they play. They can visualize success and what they need to do to achieve it.

3. Coaching. The biggest difference is with the leadership. The coaches early in the season decided they don't want to be just another team. Leadership along with parents made a deal that this year we have a choice, we can have fun and let everyone play fairly or we can go out and win. The vote was counted and the players, parents and coaches agreed, we want to win.

The coaches started early to develop a culture of players and winners. They established rules and expectations and penalties for not following the rules. This was serious and required a commitment by all. From this a winning team was established.

This has everything to do with success in business and in life. You must have a winning attitude and be focused on success. Coaching is essential, nobody is successful by themselves, we should all seek out coaches and mentors we respect.   And there's teamwork, working by yourself, no matter how great you are you can only achieve what one person can do, when working with others you can achieve exponentially better outcomes.

As the lacrosse season goes into it's second half we are hopeful the team continues to breed success.

I am also confident that teamwork, attitude and my coaching will bring success to my clients.

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