Friday, November 12, 2010

Paco Underhill and Me

That's me on the left                             Photo by Spark St Jude
Several weeks ago I went to a breakfast hosted by the Atlanta Press Club where I met Paco Underhill. Paco wrote some marketing classics like Why We Buy and What Women Want. He is a researcher who takes shopper insights, trends, psychology and environmental factors to develop new ways to interact with consumers.

Paco's new book (which took me far to long to read because of far too many distractions) is focused on modern women and how their needs have changed our retail and home environments. It describes how products have changed, how stores have evolved and how expectations have been reinvented. Women's lives have changed and so has the world to accommodate them.

I discussed with Paco the influence aging baby boomers will have on the retail environment, the home, new products, travel and health care.

I can hear that next big next wave of innovation coming to deal with boomer needs.

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